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The main reasons why you should play on Pixel Servers.


Our staff team are hand-picked from our quality player base to ensure that all players are kept in line. Alongside this, we also have a dedicated management team to resolve any internal or external disputes regarding the staff or server overall.


We strive to be exceptionally outstanding in all aspects of our servers' execution and content. Anything that is sub-standard isn't enough for us, and this is what we aim for.


Our servers are hosted 24/7 and are protected with multiple plugins to ensure that our players can have the best experience possible without disruption from server lag, cheaters and general downtime.

Pixel Servers

Members: 801
Members Online: 71
Members In-game: 7

Our servers

[UK] PixelServers.co ➝ PrisonRP ➝ CHRISTMAS UPDATE!

Players: 3 / 66
Map: rp_pixel-prison_v1
Gamemode: PrisonRP

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The Pixel Servers executives.






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